“Welcome to Prozdor!”


Mission and Vision

At the Rebecca and Israel Ivry Prozdor High School, our goal is to create an active and vibrant learning environment for our diverse student body.  We guide students to that they can discover their own personal and communal understanding of what it means to be a Jews through increasing their Jewish literacy. Our students graduate with a greatly enhanced knowledge of Judaism and a framework with which to confidently live and learn as Jews in college and beyond.

Our Students

Ivry Prozdor High School is Open to eighth through twelfth grade students, with our without previous religious school or day school experience or affiliation.  Our students come to us with a variety of educational backgrounds and learning styles.  Their families also practice a broad range of religious observance.  We require only a community to Jewish learning, the ability to enage with the text, and a willingness to contribute to classroom discussions. Respect for all opinions in the classroom, the broader Jewish community, and other communities, along with the freedom to explore new ideas, is the norm.

Unique Association with JTS

Because Ivry Prozdor is a program of the William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education of JTS, students are taught by world-renowned JTS faculty, JTS rabbinical and cantorial students, and graduate students from The Davidson School and other local graduate programs.  The opportunity to study with these teachers is unique to the Ivry Prozdor program and offers an advance academic experience generally not available to high school students. Staff and faculty also serve as accessible role models for students, demonstrating through their own actions such key values as Talmud Torah (commitment to the study of Torah), derekh eretz (respect for others), and sh’mirat mitzvot (religious practice).